Flat Brush or Cap and Brush Set - Replacement Brushes for Rectangular Style Bottles

$ 0.72
Flat Brush Or Cap And Brush Set - Replacement Brushes For Rectangular Style Bottles

Do you love a polish but dislike the brush? If you have a brand with the same bottle as Nail Hoot, these brushes and caps will make switching the brushes out for our premium flat brushes a breeze!

Note: Shipping minimum in our store for US is $3.21. You can order 1-26 brush or brush/cap sets for this shipping price. After that, the shipping will increase incrementally.

This listing has two options -

Option 1: Replace Brush Only

To do this, you will need to grasp the old brush very firmly and pull it out of the cap. You then place the replacement brush in the bottle, put the cap on, and screw it together firmly. The will install the brush into the cap.

Option 2: Replace Cap and Brush Set

To use this option, remove the old cap and brush from the bottle bottle. Place the new brush into the bottle and then firmly screw on the cap. This is will install the brush into the cap.

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