Gradient Manicure Tool 6 Piece Set

$ 1.89

This is a 6 piece gradient manicure set. It comes with 5 special sponges designed specifically for nail polish gradients and one pink holder to put the sponges in. I usually get 10 manicures per set of tools - I use one side of the sponge for each manicure, then flip the sponge for the next manicure.

The picture of our manicure holding "Ice Queen" was created using this tool.

Instructions: Paint nails with a base color if desired (such as white). Put nail polish on the sponge in the pattern you want (horizontal lines, vertical lines, or circular) then press onto nail. Repeat as necessary.

Did you know you can get one of these tools for FREE?! Just spend $18 or more and use code: FREEGRADIENTTOOL at the checkout. Do NOT add the tool to your cart to use the code, unless you are buying a second tool.

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