See Through Jelly Stamper, Clear

$ 4.75

One standard XL see-through stamper, with a clear stamper holder body. These stampers make it easy for you to see exactly where to place the stamper for perfect image lineup. I have tested these stampers and they worked perfectly out of the package, no priming required. However, the manufacturer recommends a one time clean with acetone if the image does not pick up well for you. Do NOT continue to use acetone on these stampers - I have seen reports of it causing the silicone to fall apart. Clean with a lint roller instead. In my opinion these take a little bit to get used to, as you are staring down the barrel of the stamper for proper placement. Regardless, it did allow me to line up the image absolutely perfectly - so I love this stamper! It comes with a set of one stamper and one scraper. I have noticed slight imperfections in the stamping head, but it does not affect my ability to see nor the quality of the stamp.

Materials: Plastic Body, Silicone Head

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